Superstar sneakers

Superstar sneakers

Have you caught up on the latest sneaker lines of superstars lately? We’ve assembled a list of the highest paying deals, brand offers, and coolest sneakers we could find.

1. LeBron James, Nike

How do we start a superstar list without listing the king himself? “A billion-dollar deal” is where LeBron ranks on Nike’s highest-paid athlete’s list. In 2003 the Zoom Generation debuted and the superstar didn’t slow down in terms of the amazing sneakers in his collection. The LeBron

XIII Low is considered one of the top 5 court shoes with the most absorbing heel and cushion.

2. Kevin Hart, Nike

Although Kevin Hart has graced the front of Men’s fitness more than once, the amazingly funny star teamed up with Nike for the Hustle Hart shoes. While he is selling out NFL stadiums with his stand-up acts, his motivational and inspiring shoes are warming the hearts of gym-goers everywhere.

3. JJ Watt, Reebok

Reebok isn’t known for signing NFL stars, but they made history when JJ Watt got his own line. This sneaker is the most versatile shoe on the list. The JJI was put through tests for over a year to make sure it could withstand the rigorous workouts of the superstar defensive lineman. This sneaker is made for box jumps, weightlifting, sled pulls, and agility drills.

4. The Rock, Under Armour

We’re sure if Kevin Hart saw this article, he would point out that he was listed higher than The Rock. The playful banter between the two stars makes us laugh and cry all over again. The Rock and Under Armour have created a sneaker that you can wear anywhere. Debuting back in 2017, the Rock has only increased his market at Under Armour and grow his line which makes you want to work out again.

5. Steph Curry, Underarmour

We cannot end this super star-studded list without listing the treachery that happened between Nike and Steph Curry. When Nike came into their pitch proposal with Curry, it is reported that they didn’t take the proposal very seriously. Multiple slides were wrong, information was outdated, and even had Kevin Hart’s name on them.  This two-time back-to-back NBA MVP deserved a ton more respect than that. Curry left Nike almost immediately and went to UnderArmour and got the respect he deserves. The Curry 2 Basketball Shoe is an amazing sneaker with high and low versions.

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