The Best Method To Clean Running Shoes

The Best Method To Clean Running Shoes

Today we celebrate Global Running Day around the globe. However, running is more than just taking the steps for some it might be their favorite hobby, favorite exercise or even their lifelong dream. Let's be real though... Shoes play a HUGE role in the sport of running. They carry you through the trails, on the streets and hold you through the miles and miles of a marathon. The shoes you wear matter. They have to be comfortable, supportive and made for you, but let's also add clean to that list. 

As we think about the importance of the shoes that carry us through life it is important to give them the love they deserve... Especially if you're putting that many miles on them.  There a number of different running shoes from the Brooks to the Hokas, On Clouds, New Balances and more. Today we will teach you the best way to clean your favorite pair. 

To kick is off we will start with the best overall running shoe from Run Repeat. The Asics Novablast 4 stand tall among multiple running sources as the best. This sneaker is durable, assists with stability and has a premium upper. This shoe would pair great with the Reshoevn8r Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. Our patented sneaker laundry system is the best way to clean these premium uppers while disinfecting them and removing unwanted odors from physical activity. Looking to level up even more? Try out our Sneaker Deodorizer after every run to leave your shoes smelling fresh. 

Next we will move over to the Nikes; now there are quite a few different models of running shoes from Nike. However, they will all need the same products. The mesh uppers on the Pegasus and Vaporfly sneakers are the perfect candidate for the patented laundry system. This lightweight material is perfect for keeping your feet cool during the workout, but it can also trap in a variety of stains. Our Ultimate Kit would be the perfect all encompassing way to not only leave your shoes clean but keep them smelling fresh. 

Lastly, we all know the Hoka wave has been real for the last couple of years. We've seen them in the gym, on the trails and even as a daily wearer for some nurses, mom's and Disney adults! The steps to clean Hoka's will ultimately be the same as above. The Signature Kit will be used to give them a proper deep clean. Kick off the scrubbing using the three different brushes and all natural solution before placing them in the washing machine to remove the sweat, grime and dirt from your run. 


Now that you know what products to pair with your favorite running shoes it is time to run over to and pick your kit up today. 

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