The Evolution of Sneaker Cleaning

The Evolution of Sneaker Cleaning


If you’re a sneakerhead, you know that keeping your kicks fresh isn’t just a chore—it’s an art form. But how did we get from scrubbing with old toothbrushes to an entire industry of high-tech cleaning solutions? Buckle up, because the history of DIY sneaker cleaning is a wild ride through time, culture, and some seriously creative ingenuity.

The Humble Beginnings: Soap, Water, and a Prayer

Picture this: It’s the early days, and you’ve just snagged a new pair of sneakers. They’re your pride and joy, but after a few wearings, the shine starts to fade. What do you do? You grab the nearest bar of soap, an old toothbrush, and get scrubbing. It was a time of ingenuity—people used whatever they had on hand. Toothpaste for those pesky stains? Why not! Baking soda for odors? Absolutely.

Back then, sneaker care was about survival. If you wanted your sneakers to last, you had to get creative. It was all trial and error, and every sneakerhead had their own set of hacks, shared like secrets among friends.

Sneaker Culture Takes Over: The '80s and '90s

Fast forward to the '80s and '90s. Sneakers aren’t just shoes anymore—they’re a statement. Thanks to the rise of hip-hop and streetwear, sneakers are now symbols of style and identity. And with that, the stakes are higher. People start to care more about how their sneakers look, and the DIY cleaning scene starts to evolve.

This era sees the birth of the first specialized cleaning products. Brands start to realize there's money to be made here, so they begin offering basic cleaning kits. These are primitive by Reshoevn8r standards, but they mark the start of something big.

Enter the Internet: The Game Changer

The late '90s and early 2000s bring the internet, and everything changes. Sneakerheads unite online, sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials. Suddenly, you don’t have to rely on your buddy’s advice—you can watch detailed how-to videos on YouTube. Reshoevn8r shoe care was one of the first companies not only in the shoe industry but within all industries to capitalize on the creation of social media. Cleaning sneakers becomes a community affair, and the techniques get more sophisticated thanks to the spread of knowledge online.

This period also sees the rise of dedicated sneaker cleaning brands like us at Reshoevn8r. We started offering products specifically designed for sneakers, making it easier than ever to keep your kicks looking brand new. Innovations like water-repellent sprays, specialty brushes, and patented sneaker laundry system changed the shoe game forever. 

Today: A Sneakerhead’s Paradise

Welcome to today, where sneaker cleaning is a booming industry. Walk into any sneaker store or browse online, and you’ll find shelves stocked with every cleaning product imaginable. From foam cleaners to UV light sanitizers, if there’s a way to clean sneakers, Reshoevn8r is selling it.

Social media influencers like our one and only Vick Almighty share their cleaning routines and product reviews, making it easy to find the best products and techniques. 

And let’s not forget sustainability. With eco-friendly cleaning products gaining popularity, you can now keep your sneakers clean and green. Reshoevner's all natural cleaning solution and sustainable products are the epitome of taking care of people and the planet.

A pair of dirty red and white Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers sit on a towel next to a box of cleaning supplies. The text "NIKE AIR" is visible on the side of the sneakers. The box contains shoe cleaning supplies including brushes, sponges and cleaning solution. There is text on the box that says "Reshoevn8r", "Power Pad", and "Midsole & Sneaker Cleaner". Reshoevn8r is a brand of shoe cleaning products.

From Scrubs to Science

So there you have it—the evolution of DIY sneaker cleaning from humble home remedies to high tech innovative products. What started with soap and toothbrushes has turned into a world where sneakerheads have endless options to keep their kicks looking fresh. As long as there are sneakers to be worn, you can bet there will be new and innovative ways to clean them. And who knows what the next big thing in sneaker cleaning will be? One thing’s for sure: Reshoevn8r will continue to innovate to provide the best products for its customers and fans.


Check out the old sneaker cleaning ways vs. Reshoevn8r and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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