Reshoevn8r’s Top 5 Nike Air Max 1’s of All-Time

Reshoevn8r’s Top 5 Nike Air Max 1’s of All-Time

As most members of the sneaker community know, March has been deemed as “Air Max Month”.  At Reshoevn8r, we LOVE all of the Air Max silhouettes and have a goal to create Air Max content all month. If you are looking for more Air Max content check out our other social media platforms. Our Youtube channel will feature Air Max video content all month long! However, we didn’t stop at restorations and Shoe Care Academy cleaning tutorials, we will be releasing a bonus video you won’t want to miss.

Along with all of the awesome content, we also released our extremely limited Air Max Signature Bundle. The Air Max Signature Bundle is a $110.00 value for only $85.00! Make sure you cop yours before they are all gone!

To kick off Air Max Month, we are starting a series of blogs containing our favorite Nike Air Max sneakers of all-time! Today we will be featuring the Nike Air Max 1’s that will include some hype collaborations along with some OG color-ways.

#5: Nike Air Max 1 ATMOS "Animal Pack 2.0"

This Nike x ATMOS sneaker is one of the many sneakers that they have knocked out of the park. In 2007, Nike and ATMOS collaborated on the Nike Air Max 95 “Animal.” This sneaker is inspired by the previously released version. The material of this sneaker would be similar to the Ben and Jerry’s Nike SB Dunk. The release strategy was also very unique just like the sneaker itself. This sneaker was first released in 2018 via the beloved Nike SNKRS app to New York City-based customers. This is a very special release strategy that Nike has seen to be effective in the past SNKRS Pass releases. With that being said, if you are looking to spice up your sneaker rotation, this is a must-add to your collection.

#4: Nike Air Max 1 "Master"

The 30th Anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1 hit differently with this release. To honor 30 years of greatness, Nike released the “Master” which showed a tribute to some of the most inspirational Nike Air Max 1 collaborations of all-time. Some of the past collaborations that were included in this sneaker were the Kid Robot, CLOT, ATMOS, Patta, and Parra, and also the original University Red. You may compare this sneaker to Nike’s well-known series of the “What The” collection which usually showcases a variety of different sneakers that will blow your mind. To get the most out of the Air Max 1 sneaker, this is the one to buy!

#3: Nike Air Max 1 ATMOS “Elephant Print”

ATMOS and Nike released the first “Elephant Print” Air Max 1 in 2007 and saw immediate success from the release. The design of this iconic sneaker came from the Japanese Brand retailer brand, ATMOS. Just like most “hype” releases, this sneaker was very limited in both 2007 and also 2017. Considering this sneaker has gone up on secondary market sites, this is a must-have if you are looking to have an Air Max collection.

#2: Nike Air Max 1 OG “University Red”

The one that started it all. The Nike Air Max 1 “University Red” was a tough sneaker to put in the number 2 spot. However, this sneaker was released in 1987 and created by the GOAT, Tinker Hatfield. This sneaker has been released in multiple variations, but none of them are as great as the OG.

#1: Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon

I know we are going to be called “hypebeasts” but this sneaker showcases something that has never been done before in Nike history. The corduroy upper was created based on a design contest that Sean Wotherspoon entered and it eventually led to a collaboration with Nike and also ASICS. The inspiration for the sneaker came from Sean’s love of vintage Nike hats from the 1980s. On Air Max Day in 2018, this sneaker was released to the public and since then Sean has collaborated with other brands to create masterpieces just like this sneaker. Considering this sneaker is about $1,500 on second market sites, this is a tough but must cop to have in your grail collection.

Now that you all know our Top 5 Air Max 1s of all-time, we want to know yours! Comment on our latest post on Instagram with your list. Also, make sure that you are subscribed to our YouTube channel to catch Air Max content ALL MONTH LONG!

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