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Top Streetwear Brands to Watch for in 2022

Top Streetwear Brands 2022

The perfect pair of shoes can only take you so far. If you aren’t up to date on the top streetwear brands in 2022, your outfits will never be on point. Traditionally, streetwear has been reserved for those that are a part of certain subcultures (ie: skaters, ballers, etc), but nowadays anyone can find a streetwear brand that they identify with and take their fit game to the next level. 

Over the last decade or so, brands like Supreme, A Bathing Ape (Bape), and Off-White have risen to prominence. But if you’re limiting yourself to just those streetwear brands, you’re missing out on a whole ocean of other highly fashionable and sought after streetwear apparel brands that might be the missing piece in your wardrobe. 

Besides detailing the classic streetwear brands, this list should open you up to the idea of new and emerging brands, as well as stretch the definition of what streetwear is. The hope is that through this list you'll find new brands to support, rock, and love. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top streetwear brands to watch in 2022.

Many Worlds Clothing

This up-and-coming streetwear brand pairs creative designs with high quality materials to create a truly competitive streetwear line. Many Worlds is easily the best streetwear brand that you've never heard of, and their designs speak for themselves. 

If you need a tee to match your favorite shoes, look no further than Many Worlds Clothing

Supreme is an NYC based streetwear brand born from the skateboarding and hip hop era. It seems that these days, every piece that Supreme puts out sells out instantly. Supreme releases their streetwear in limited quantities in what they call “drops." Alongside their streetwear, Supreme is known for collaborating with some of the biggest brand names in the world such as Bic, Oreo, Nike, and more. 

The draw that Supreme has is unparalleled, making it a shoe in for the hottest streetwear brands of 2022.

Stussy was born in Southern California, and as such was first inspired by the surfwear trend of the 1980s. Since then, it’s been more so adopted by the skateboarding community as a staple in streetwear and skateboard fashion. Stussy has grown a massive following, and has been fortunate enough to participate in streetwear collabs with the likes of Nike, Supreme, Vans, and Casio

Stussy, like Supreme is such a household name in the streetwear industry. Their dominance of the streetwear market firmly plants them on our list of the top streetwear brands in 2022. 

Palace is a UK based skateboarding brand that over time has evolved into an extremely popular streetwear brand. Drawing inspiration from the 1990s, skateboarding, and pop culture, Palace has done work with Adidas, Salomon, and Ralph Lauren. Palace drops new gear every Friday online, and most are in limited quantities. 

It seems like everything that Palace puts out sells out - immediately. It's hard to argue with the numbers...Palace is easily one of the top streetwear brands for 2022. 

In case you hadn’t noticed the trend, there are a lot of skateboard shops/brands in this streetwear list. That’s because the two things are more intertwined than ever. The case is no different with Primitive, a skateboard brand turned streetwear and fashion brand. Besides making absolutely sick streetwear clothing, they have professional skateboarders on their team like Paul Rodriquez…or P-Rod as most of us know him. 

Most of Primitive's streetwear comes in at a lower price point that some of the bigger brands listed above, which is enough to give it a spot as one of the hottest streetwear brands in 2022. 

Now when I say the name New Balance, your first thought is probably the furthest thing from streetwear. But over the last 5 or so years, New Balance has burst onto the scene as a contender in the top streetwear brands category. Powered by partnerships with Stone Island, Kith, Aime Leon Dore, and Joe Freshgoods, New Balance is making a name for itself in streetwear. 

The German sportswear company is probably not the most typical streetwear brand in the literal sense of the word, but rest assured Adidas has made big moves in the streeware space, especially with Kanye West and the YEEZY line of footwear. 

Besides the ever popular YEEZY releases, Adidas has also made some big moves with celebrities, athletes, and brands like Pharrell, Donovan Mitchell, and Eric Emmanuel in order to grow their market share in the crowded clothing and streetwear space. 

While Nike may not have a massive influence in the streetwear industry, their brand recognition and willingness to collaborate within the streetwear space gives them a spot on our list of the best streetwear brands for 2022. 

The most notable of their streetwear collaborations are shoes such as the Air Force 1 Off-White, Nike Dunk Low Off-White, and the Air Jordan 1 Off-White “Chicago." As you read on, you'll see that it seems like every streetwear brand out there has some tie to pays to be the biggest name in sports. 

Billionaire Boys Club (or BBC) was founded in 2003 by Pharrell and Nigo. The lifestyle and streetwear brands draws influence from fashion, music, design, and culture. BBC continues to push the boundaries of design and fashion as they evolve in the streetwear space. 

Also under the BBC label are brands Ice Cream, Bee Line, and Billionaire Girls Club. In recent years the brand's biggest collaborations have been with brands such as Reebok and Adidas. 

Founded in 2012, Cav Empt was created by Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell. Cav Empt is most known for their graphics and disruptive style. 

The name of the game for the Japanese streetwear brand is hyperrealism and glitch graphics, and Cav Empt draws inspiration from its creators previous work with Bape, Billionaire Boys Club, and Ice Cream. 

The Hundreds is a community based streetwear brand that was founded in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar. The California based brand takes inspiration from 90’s workwear and Californian Subculture tribes. 

With multiple massive collabs under its belt such as Adidas, Disney, and the NBA, The Hundreds is an easy pick to make our top streetwear brands of 2022 list. 

Bape was founded in 1993 by Nigo in the Harajuku district of Shibuya, Tokyo. Inspired by the nightlife and hip hop scene in Tokyo, the first Bape stockist was a store called NOWHERE, a shop that Nigo opened up with his friend Jun Takahashi. The iconic Ape logo was inspired by the film Planet of the Apes. But the name and logo also doubled as a reference to a Japanese idiom "“a bathing ape in lukewarm water,” which connotes luxury and consumerism. 

Bape is most well known for their in-your-face camouflage patterns, full-zip hoodies, and the infamous Bapesta sneakers, which look eerily similar to Nike's Air Force 1. Bape cemented itself among the big boys in the streetwear industry with their 2002 collaboration with Supreme, and the ensuing launch of 2 US stores in Los Angeles (2004) and New York (2008).    

Obey clothing was founded in 2001 by artist and designer Shepard Fairey. Obey is well know to create designs that promote social activism and are based around politically and socially propaganda. 

The combination of art, activism, design, and streetwear is what makes Obey such a unique brand. Interestingly, the Obey name was inspired by the 1988 movie They Live by John Carpenter. 

Founded in 1995 by Scott Sasso, 10.Deep draws inspiration from the streetwear culture of New York, London, and Tokyo in the 1990s. 

10.Deep maintains the spirit of independence. The number 10 in 10.Deep pays reference to two things, a group of 10 people, and the personal strengths of one's 10 fingers. 

Patta is a Dutch streetwear brand based in Amsterdam. It was founded in 2004 by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt. When it first started, Patta focused on selling imported sneakers at their storefront. As their presence grew, they started earning exclusive collaborations with brands like Nike, Asics, and Reebok. 


Huf was founded by Keith Hufnagel who moved from New York City to San Francisco in 1992 to pursue a career in professional skateboarding. Hufnagel opened the first Huf boutique in 2002 as a way to give back to the skateboarding community that shaped him.

Now based in Los Angeles, Huf is one of the most respected streetwear and skate brands in the world. Huf continues to push the culture forward by "refusing to conform to it". Sadly, founder Keith Hufnagel died in Sep 2020, but the brand continues to move forward in an attempt to fulfill his mission. 

Established in 2002 in Los Angeles, Undefeated (also known as UNDFTD) is one of the most iconic sneaker boutiques in the world. It started as just a sneaker store and has grown into a lifestyle brand inspired by sports, art, music, and street culture. 

Through the years, UNDFTD has been privileged to collaborate with the biggest names in the fashion, sports, and streetwear industries. Among their most notable collaborations are partnerships with Nike, Jordan Brand, and A Bathing Ape. UNDFTD’s iconic Five Strike logo can be seen worldwide, a far cry from the homebase in LA. It's clear to see how UNDFTD has grown into one of the top streetwear brands for 2022.

A.P.C. is a French streetwear brand that first garnered fame for its classic jeans and raw denim. However as A.P.C. grew in popularity, so did their line of offerings. A.P.C. creator Jean Touitou and his wife have expanded the brand to include a full line of both Men’s and Women’s clothing and accessories. 

At the heart of A.P.C.’s design is a return from extravagance to minimalism. Each piece is meant to be both stylish and casual. While the A.P.C. workshop and studio remains in Paris, the brand has over 70 stores worldwide including shops in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Sydney. Rapid growth and unique designs firmly plant A.P.C. on our list for the top streetwear brands in 2022. 

Yes, that Levi's. You probably didn't expect a denim company to make the list, but as of recent Levis has made a big push into the streetwear culture and market as a whole. Founded in 1853 by a German businessman, Levis has spent a lot of efforts and time into building out a whole range of collaborations and products that trend more towards the streetwear and designer crowd. 

Between partnerships with Jordan Brand, Stussy, and Supreme, Levis has carved out a niche for itself in the streetwear industry. They have worked really hard to make denim cool, and have succeed in our eyes. 

Champion is an athletic wear and sportstyle clothing brand that sits under the Hanes Clothing umbrella. They specialize in sportswear, and have made quite the comeback over the last few years. 

You can find Champion clothing in almost any sneaker store, from Footlocker to Finish Line, and they've done some pretty successful collaborations with brands like Carrots and Supreme. Once a brand relegated to the clearance shelves at Target, Champion's resurgence is one to draw inspiration from. Going back to their roots brought out the best in this up-and-coming streetwear brand.

At its core, Mitchell & Ness is a hate company. It's inspiration and take on streetwear is primarily inspired by basketball, but really the sporting world as a whole. The company takes a retro approach to streetwear and snapbacks, and loves paying homage to the past with each hat and clothing release. 

Jerseys, shorts, and snapbacks make up most of what Mitchell & Ness does, but they do it well. They've been cranking out throwback team apparel since 1904. You can't go wrong with a throwback pair of shorts and the iconic NBA jersey designs of the 80s and 90s. 

If you haven't noticed the pattern, most of the sportswear giants of the world have made our Top Streetwear Brands list...including Puma. That's because each have shifted more focus towards catering to the streetwear crowd, and they're doing well at it. 

Puma's willingness to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, combined with their rich heritage in the world of sports has made them one of the hottest streetwear brands in 2022. Signings like Lamelo Ball, J-Cole, and others have given Puma an appeal and credibility that it didn't have before. 

Asics is a Japanese sportswear giant that specializes in footwear. Initially Asics meant to focus on making basketball shoes, but has quickly evolved into a footwear empire. 

Beyond making performance shoes, Asics has really focused a lot of time and attention on the streetwear and sneakerhead culture, particular with models like the Asics Gel Lyte III. They've used that classic silhouette to partner with some of the hottest streetwear brands and designers such as Kith, Concepts, and Bait


Saucony is most often associated with running, and for good reason. The Boston-born brand has been in the running shoe business since inception in 1898. Besides still pushing out performance running footwear, Saucony has also dug deep into their heritage to bring back some of the models that made them famous. 

Not only has Saucony made an attempt to reach the sneakerhead market, they've also partnered with large designers and influencers for exclusive collaborations. Recently the brand has collaborated with streetwear stores like Extra Butter, and Alife, and is also known for working with designers such as Kith and Todd Snyder. The name of the game for Saucony is premium quality materials, and it has proven successful thus far, giving Saucony a spot on our list of the top streetwear brands to watch for. 

Figured we'd throw an oddball in here with Stance. Stance started out as a sock brand, and has quickly expanded their lineup with other clothing items and accessories. Their rapid growth is in large part to a sock deal that Stance landed with the NBA, where they were the official provider of team socks. 

Now, you'll see Stance collaborating with everyone. Artists, musicians, ball players, you name it! Donovan Mitchell even has his own branded Stance store inside of a popular shopping mall in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. Didn't know a sock brand could make a list of the top streetwear brands know did you? Well, Stance is here, and here to stay! 

You saw this one coming from a mile away. Kith is a streetwear brand, apparel and sneaker boutique all wrapped into one, and is the brainchild of Ronnie Fieg. Established in 2011, the brand now boasts 7 brick and mortar stores to sell their streetwear and stock other designer brands. Besides stocking designer clothing and streetwear labels galore in both their online and physical stores, Kith also collaborates with some of the biggest names in the streetwear industry. 

Among their recent collaborations is an interesting crossover with Taylormade, the golf club giant. Kith teamed up with NBA legend JR Smith to put out a golf inspired streetwear clothing line, as well as other clubs and accessories. Kith's large following and mass appeal, as well as their willingness to think outside of the box plants them firmly onto our list of the top streetwear brands for 2022. 

Comme de Garcons otherwise known as CDG is a Japanese streetwear label that was founded in 1973. The streetwear brand is now based in Paris, where their flagship store is located. 

The streetwear itself is inspired by punk, including a lot of distressed looks. While CDG boasts numerous product lines, the CDG Play line is the most widely known. The CDG Play line of streetwear is touted as a casual luxury line of clothing and accessories. 

WTAPS is a luxury Japanese streetwear label that was founded in 1999 by Tetsu Nishiyama. The streetwear brand draws inspiration from the military and early Japanese streetwear culture. 

Their earliest brand collaborations were quite impressive: they got off to a hot start with massive partnerships with Babe and UNDFTD, two staples in the streetwear industry. To this day, WTAPS has only one flagship store, and lives by the motto of quality over quantity. 

Up next on our list of the top streetwear brands we have yet another footwear company. Karhu, a Finnish company, was originally founded way back in 1916. While their focus is on making amazing footwear, they've expanded their lineup of products to feature clothing, jackets, and even skis! 

Interestingly, it was Karhu who sold Adidas the "three stripes" logo way back when the German sportswear company was starting out. Now the classic Karhu "M" logo can be seen on their popular line of Karhu Originals. 

A-Cold-Wall is what we would consider an up and coming brand. Why? The British fashion and streetwear label was founded in 2015, just 7 years ago. ACW is the brainchild of Samuel Ross, who was mentored under Virigl Abloh as an intern for the Off-White brand. 

Some of A-Cold-Wall's most high-profile collaborations include work with with Nike, Converse,  and Dr Martens.

Undercover is yet another Japanese streetwear brand, and it was founded by Jun Takahashi. The brand is said to be punk-infused, and draws upon American styles, too. Undercover is known for making great graphic tees, cargo pants, hoodies, and more. 

Besides being a cult favorite streetwear brand, Undercover has an equally big presence among the high fashion district of Paris. They've been able to build their presence in the streetwear culture with great collaborations with brands like Nike, Supreme, and Uniqlo.

Cactus Plant Flea Market (otherwise known as CPFM) was founded in 2015 by Cynthia Lu, and has quickly become one of the most highly thought of and sought after streetwear brands on the market. Lu actually spent time interning at Complex and working with Pharrell at BBC before launching CPFM. 

The brand exploded onto the scene in 2016 when Kanye West was photographed wearing a Cactus Plant Flea Market shirt. Since then they've been privileged to work with amazing brands such as Human Made, Nike, and Stussy. 

Golf Wang (sometimes referred to as Golf) is an American streetwear brand created by musician Tyler The Creator. It was founded in 2011. It was inspired by and grew from his Odd Future music label.

In recent years, the brands biggest successes have come with their collaborations with Converse. The collection has since grow into what's called Golf le FLEUR, which is a similar but separate luxury streetwear and lifestyle label. 

NEIGHBORHOOD is a Japanese streetwear brand. It was founded in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa and draws inspiration from a plethora of things including Native American culture and other outdoor themes. 

Sometimes known as NBHD, the brand is most known for their iconic bandana print. Recent brand collaborations include Converse, WTAPS, and the skate brand Babylon. 

California Streetwear brand Crooks&Castles was founded in 2002, and is built upon principles of family and loyalty. They opened their first retail store in 2007 in the heart of Los Angeles.  

Rooted deeply in both streetwear culture and luxury aesthetic, the brand's mass appeal has continued to grow. Recent collaborations with the UFC and luxury NFT brands have given Crooks&Castles new life amongst the every growing streetwear competition. 

Aime Leon Dore is a luxury and streetwear brand based out of New York. Aime Leon Dore was founded in 2014 by Teddy Santis. 

The brands first collaboration came with Puma in 2015, followed by the opening of their first flagship store. Now, Aime Leon Dore is a household name in the sneaker community and streetwear community. Their recent projects with New Balance on the New balance 550 have thrust the luxury streetwear brand into the spotlight. 

Another sleeper brand in the streetwear space is The North Face. Yes, the outdoor clothing company does have some streetwear ties, mostly in the way of collaboration with other high-profile brands such as Supreme. 

The North Face is an American company that was founded in 1968 with the primary goal of supplying climbers with proper gear. Fast forward to now, the outdoor clothing giant is beloved by the streetwear culture and sneakerheads, not just climbing and outdoor enthusiasts. From fanny packs to jackets, The North Face has grown its footprint enough in the world of streetwear to name them one of the top streetwear brands of 2022. 

We've already talked about The North Face, so surely you saw this one coming. Patagonia is next up on our list of the top streetwear brands of 2022, and for good reason. The California-founded outdoor clothing company has made big strides to make the brand appeal to more than just the hiking and biking crowd. 

Since 1985, Patagonia has committed 1% of all sales to help the environment. But the company is more than a social good effort, they make great looking clothing and accessories, too. Sustainability is cool, and thus Patagonia is fit for this list of the top streetwear brands out there. Yes, they are far from a traditional streetwear brand, but Patagonia is just as cool among the streetwear crowd as some of the other bigger names on this list. 

Carhartt is a staple for the blue-collar worker, but the introduction of the Carhartt WIP (Work in Progress) line of clothing has given Carhartt a good about of street credibility and appeal. As opposed to their traditional workwear, the Carhartt WIP line of clothing and accessories aims to seamlessly blend the durability and longevity that have made them so popular with the style of streetwear. 

Recent partnerships with Nike, A.P.C., and Patta have cemented Carhartt WIP as a player in the streetwear industry for years to come. 

Brain Dead is a creative collective and streetwear brand based out of Los Angeles, California. Founded by Kyle Ng, the brand draws inspiration from punk, skateboarding, and more.

While Brain Dead is relatively new, their streetwear is already being sold in prominent streetwear stores such as Union La. Recent brand collaborations include Vans, Converse, and Reebok. 

Heron Preston has had his hand in a lot of streetwear culture. Besides designing for his own brand, Preston has worked with Nike, Kayne West, and Virgil Abloh. So it's only right that his own designs and brand make our list. 

The Heron Preston brand itself has collaborated with all of the big names. Nike, Carhartt, Bape, and more. It's no wonder the creative designer has had so much success in the streetwear industry with his own label. 

Awake NY was founded by former Supreme designer and brand director Angelo Baque. The brand was created in 2012, and launched its first full streetwear collection in 2017. 

Recent collaborations with Reebok, Asics, and A Ma Maniere have given the NY streetwear brand some awesome recognition.

Vetements is a high fashion and luxury streetwear brand that was founded in 2014 by fashion designer Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia. They are currently headquartered in Switzerland. The brand name itself means "clothing" in French. Vetements big break came in 2016, and since then they've been a staple on the luxury and streetwear scene.

Off-White is one of the most popular streetwear brands in existence. Founded by the late Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh, Off-White's iconic "zip tie" tag can be seen everywhere. Collaborations with Nike and Jordan Brand have only increased the brands already massive footprint within the streetwear and sneakerhead community.

Even though Virgil Abloh has passed away, Off-White continues to feed the streetwear machine new releases and fantastic collaborations in honor of his legacy, creativity, and design prowess. 

Diamond Supply Co. was founded in 1998 by Nicholas Tershay in his San Francisco apartment. The company started out making skateboard parts and hardgoods, but after a move to LA in 2000, the brand quickly expanded their line to feature streetwear and other accessories. 

At the height of Diamond Supply Co's fame, Nike SB collaborated with the brand to release one of the most sought after Nike Dunks of all time. That 2005 pair of Tiffany Dunks is still among the best Nike SB's ever.  Their longstanding history in the skateboarding and streetwear community makes putting Diamond Supply Co. into our list of the best streetwear brands for 2022 an easy decision. 

Streetwear brand XLarge claims to have been at the forefront of LA's streetwear movement. Founded in 1991, the brand has grown on a global scale since their humble beginnings in Southern California. 

It's hard to claim who really pioneered the streetwear movement in LA, but most people can agree that XLarge played a large role. They didn't start out as a skate brand, surf brand...not at all. XLarge was born as, and still is a streetwear brand. Their commitment to the culture lands the firmly on our list fo the best streetwear brands on 2022. 


LRG, or Lifted Research Group is yet another California-bred streetwear and skate brand. In 2007, LRG was named one of the top 5 fastest growing companies by Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2011, the founder unexpectedly died, leaving the company scrambling. 

In 2017, a new designer was brought in and the whole lineup of clothing and streetwear was overhauled. Recently, LRG collaborated with Apple Music as one of their official playlist curators. Their slogan is "underground inventive, overground effective."

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