Traveling This Summer? Tips for Packing and Cleaning Your Shoes on the Go

Traveling This Summer? Tips for Packing and Cleaning Your Shoes on the Go

Summer is officially here and it is time to hit the road or the sky.. Whatever your preferred method of traveling might be. No matter how you travel it is important to travel with clean sneakers and to keep your sneakers protected through the trip... Especially if you are a sneakerhead. Let us help you with the best ways to travel in style with your favorite shoes and the best way to clean them on the go. 

Sneaker Storage and Packing: 

We all know that packing can be the worst, from trying to fit everything in one bag without causing damage to praying that bag weighs less than 50 pounds when you get to the airport. However, the most daunting part of it could be packing the right sneakers to keep up with your style. With that being said there is always a risk for the shoes being crushed by the weight of the other necessities, some shampoo spilling in the bag or the airlines chucking those bags around. Luckily we have some tips and tricks for you! 

If you are packing your shoes the best way to do avoid having your shoes loose their shape is to travel with Shoe Trees installed in them. This allows the shoes to keep their shape no matter what comes to them. We also recommend traveling with them in a dust bag or some sort of bag to avoid any scratches from your clothing, denim bleed, etc. 

However, the BEST way to travel with shoes it by using our travel collection. We designed not only a roller luggage, but a backpack designed for sneakers. Our backpack is carry on friendly and has designated spaces for your favorite shoes; this is the PERFECT weekend getaway bag. 

The Let's Go Sneaker Backpack can hold 2 pairs of shoes up to a size 14 in their own designated compartments. This ultimately eliminates the worries about something damaging your shoes. It also has compartments for a laptop, clothes, 6 hats, your keys, phone, Sneaker Wipes etc. Keep your shoes protected and travel in style for the weekend right now. 

Going on a longer trip? Our Weekender Travel Bag might be perfect for you. This bag does need to be checked luggage, but it holds a whole lot. Our Travel Bag has designated compartments for your favorite shoes and can hold 3-4 pairs of shoes. Plus it comes with 4 internal compartments, wheels for easy travel, a retractable handle, a laptop compartment and more. Keep your shoes clean and protected with this one of a kind travel bag. 

Cleaning On the Go: 

Now that you know how to pack to get away for the summer; we can show you how to keep your shoes clean on the go. One product you should ALWAYS pack with you is our Sneaker Wipes. Sneaker Wipes are a dual sided, pretreated wipe that make removing scuffs and dirt from rubber and leather a breeze. This sleek design can fit in your wallet or any pocket in your luggage. Plus they only take a couple minutes to use! 

If you need more than just a quick clean you could always travel with our Original Shoe Cleaning Kit or Starter Kit. Both of these are travel friendly and can even be packed in your carry on. These kits feature our Natural Solution and a Brush to breakdown harder stains. 

Last thing... Keep your sneaker protected from unwanted stains on the go with our Pump Repellent. This travel friendly Repellent can be applied anywhere in the world and will help you avoid those unwanted scuffs, stains and more. 

Leave the fear of wearing your sneakers in the past; we have you covered whether you're home or away! 


Safe travels RESHOEVN8TION 

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