Air Jordan 1s from Unbreakable Kicks Sneaker Collection

Unbreakable Kicks Collection Tour

If you’re into sneakers, you’ve probably heard of Unbreakable Kicks, or “Break” as some refer to him as. Based in Chicago, Break has one of the best sneaker collections in the world. 

Luckily for us, while we were down shooting some other content, some members of the RE8 team had the great opportunity to tour his sneaker collection, or the “Vault." Vick and Jonny were not ready for the sheer awesomeness of this collection. 

Unbreakable Kicks has one of the most valuable sneaker collections out there thanks to his insane collection of Air Jordan PEs. 

Let’s take a quick peek inside the Unbreakable Kicks Vault and talk about some of the best sneakers we’ve ever seen… (oh and if you didn’t know, all of Break’s kicks are in his size…he doesn’t buy just to buy). 

This makes his sneaker stash even more impressive. 

Make sure you watch both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Unbreakable Kicks collection tour, and see if your favorites align with ours! 

With that being said, here are our favorite Air Jordans from Unbreakable Kicks sneaker collection! 

1.  Air Jordan 1 Marquette PE


Style Code: 956243

Release Date: N/A

Retail Price: N/A


You don’t even wanna know how much Break dropped on these. The Marquette Air Jordan 1 PE is one of the sickest shoes in Breaks’ collection…and they cost him around 10k to snag in his size 11. Only 40 pairs of these exist, making them extremely rare 

One thing you’ll notice is this Air Jordan 1 is made from both stingray and croc leather, and features the Marquette University logo on the left shoe instead of the typical Nike Air tongue tag. 

2.  Legends of Summer Air Jordan 1 Pack

Color: University Red/White

Style Code: 417485

Release Date: June 01, 2014

Retail Price: N/A


Yes, we’re cheating a little bit, but another one of the sickest pairs we saw at Unbreakable Kicks’ Vault is the Legends of Summer pack of Air Jordan 1s. Pictured above is our favorite of the pack, the Red pair. 

Each of these pairs is extremely valuable and rare. They were first introduced by Justin Timberlake on his Legends of Summer Tour with Jay-Z. So they’re pretty much JT PEs. Regardless, Break figured he’d cop the whole pack of glittery red Jordan 1s for the steep price of around 30k. I mean, can you imagine spending 30k on this pack, and it being a steal? This solo pair is going for about the same price as we speak. 

3. Air Jordan 3 "Do The Right Thing"


Style Code: 315297-471

Release Date: April 14, 2007

Retail Price: $135 

The DTRT Air Jordan 3 pays homage to the 1989 Spike Lee Film of the same name. As one of the non-og colorways, these sat on shelves when they first released in 2007, but now go for a pretty penny on the resell market. This is one of Break’s favorite pairs because it’s one he thinks that Jordan Brand will never retro or bring back. 

The blue nubuck, yellow accents, and lime green Jumpman on the tongue are an interesting color combo, but they work beautifully on this classic pair of Jordan 3s. 

4. Air Jordan 3 Oregon PE "Pit Crew"

Color: Black/Cement-Grey/Dark-Forest/Green/White/Varsity-Maize

Style Code: HO11-MNJDLS-5

Release Date: Oct 11, 2011

Retail Price: N/A

The shoes that started it all. Break himself shared that the Pit Crew Air Jordan 3 Oregon PEs are what started the obsession for him, as far as college PEs go. Once he got his hands on this pair, he knew he had to collect the rest. 

From the “O” on the tongue to the duck feet on the backtab, this pair of Jordan 3s is absolutely fire. Plus, they are built on an already-iconic colorway, the Black Cement 3s. What’s not to like here? This is just one of his many Oregon Air Jordan PEs, but these take the cake in our minds.

5. Just Don Air Jordan 2 


Style Code: 834825-250

Release Date: Jan 30, 2016

Retail Price: $650

Have you ever seen a more luxurious Air Jordan? Maybe it’s because they’ve been out for a while now, or because the community doesn’t love Jordan 2s, but the Just Don 2 (or Don C 2) seem to have flown under the radar as of late. 

Just look at how amazing these look. Between the Blue and Beach colorways, you really can’t go wrong. Sadly for Break, a third pair dropped in Arctic Orange that slipped through his fingers…so if you’ve got the plug for a size 11, be sure to let him know! 

Which pair is your favorite?

That’s going to wrap up our quick overview of Unbreakable Kicks sneaker collection. If you haven’t already, scroll back up and watch the video…you won’t be disappointed. 

If Break offered you any pair in his collection, which would you take? Let us know down below. 

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