How to build your own Vick 2000 Indoor Setup — DIY Ice Box

How to build your own Vick 2000 Indoor Setup — DIY Ice Box

Make Your Own Vick 2000 Ice Box for Uneyllowing Sneakers

Nothing garners more questions from you than the Vick 2000, our indoor UV setup that we use to unyellow icy soles. Many of you have wondered how you can build a similar setup for your own use, or where you can buy one for yourself. 

Imagine being able to remove oxidation and yellowing from your own sneakers just like we do here at the RESHOEVN8R headquarters. Your Vick 2000 will be just as powerful as the one we use to commercially whiten and restore shoes. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

It's time for us to answer the call. We're ready to share our secret, here's exactly what you need to build your very own Vick 2000! 

How to build your own indoor UV setup 

Follow Vick’s detailed video instructions to build your own, and get ready to unleash that Sole Power on your favorite kicks. 

What can I use my Vick 2000 UV setup for?

I'm glad you asked! Once you've got your own UV setup put together, the next thing you should do is buy some RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive. Here, I've linked it below for you!


Save your Soles with Sole Revive.

Sole Revive is the secret sauce behind all of Vick's amazing restorations! When used in tandem with your UV setup, Sole Revive can undo years of yellowing and oxidation. 

You can use this trick on both icy or solid rubber soles in order to restore them to their original state. Don't believe me? Here are some of my favorite before and afters that show just the difference Sole Revive can make. 

It's hard to argue with those results! I can't wait to see the results you get with your very own Ice Box. Don't have the time to build one or are worried you'll mess up your kicks? We offer a full unyellowing service! Learn more about our mail-in cleaning service here! 

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