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Vick Almighty Customs: Celebrating 7 Years

The BEST of the BEST

Who doesn’t love Vick Almighty? Vick has been a staple on the RESHOEVN8R channel for 7 years already! Time flies when you're making cool stuff, right? We’re grateful for his amazing contributions to the sneaker community and wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of his greatest achievements! 

Vick’s 7 years with RESHOEVN8R have been filled with so many amazing moments, but we don’t have the time or words to celebrate them all. Instead, let’s all enjoy this small compilation of some of Vick Almighty’s best custom and restoration work. 

7 Years of Vick’s Talents

Phoenix Suns 2022 Jordan 4 Custom

Vick has been blessed to work on a few different projects with his hometown NBA team, the Phoenix Suns. His most recent work was a custom Air Jordan 4 made to match the Suns’ new jerseys. The custom and jerseys are inspired by the 22 Tribal Nations that live in Arizona. 

AJ4 x AF1 Fusion

Perhaps Vick’s most controversial custom also happens to be one of his best. Vick’s take on the Air Jordan Fusion took the sneaker world by storm. This Air Force 1 x Air Jordan 4 hybrid is polarizing, but the craftsmanship involved in its creation is second to none. 

Louis Vuitton Custom AF1

Vick’s attention to detail is what puts him in a league of his own. But, it’s also his willingness to take risks that pays off big time in his custom work. Vick cut up a real Louis Vuitton Bag to create this custom Air Force 1.

Signed Air Jordan 3 Restoration

One special thing about Vick is that he loves to take on projects that other artists and customizers won’t touch. Such was the case with his restoration of this autographed Air Jordan 3. Too risky? Not for Vick! 

Marshawn Lynch Custom Cleats

Nothing is more satisfying than having your work recognized by some of the world’s greatest. Vick was blessed to create custom cleats for NFL running back Marshawn Lynch. The cleats were inspired by the Black Panther and put the world on notice of Vick’s amazing talents. 

Concord Jordan 11 Restoration

One of the most popular videos on the RESHOEVN8R Youtube Channel is Vick’s restoration of the Air Jordan 11 Concord. After 7 years of mesmerizing transformations it’s clear that Vick is the king of sneaker restoration. 

eBay Custom Dunks

What do you do if you can’t get your hands on a rare shoe? Make one yourself! Vick recreated one of the rarest Nike Dunks on the planet, then gifted the custom creation to the head of eBay Sneakers. What a guy! 

We love you, Vick!

Watching you grow over the last 7 years has truly been a pleasure. From all of us…thank you for sharing your talents with the world. 


For a closer look at some of Vick's best, click on the photos below!

PHX Suns Customs

AF1 x AJ4 Fusion

LV Customs

Sue Bird Jordan 1

Kid Cudi Jordan 4

Jake Paul Panda Dunks

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