Your Sneakers’ New Best Friend

Your Sneakers’ New Best Friend

Reshoevn8r knows a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two. When we take a step back and look at our product offerings, we can honestly say we have the most comprehensive line of sneaker care products in the industry. On top of that, we have the videos and testimonials to stand behind our products and show you how to use them.

As we grow as a brand, and listen to our customers we have brought back our Sneaker Deodorizer.

This compact 4oz (118ML) pump-style spray is versatile, compact and travel ready. As you plan your next trip to see family and friends after being cooped up all year, don’t let your stinky shoes embarrass you.

The neutral scent with light floral undertones can be used in most sneakers, slides and sandals. It doesnt matter if you’re rockin’ a pair of Yeezy Safflower’s, or suede New Balance 997’s  our deodorizer will chase the stink away.

School just started, and your kids are rockin new sneakers too. Get started on our Subscribe & Save program to make sure when the time comes and their feet get stinky, you have the product in hand to stop that odor at the door.

Don’t forget… This deodorizer spray makes for a great gift to your college kids, and new parents. It chases the odors away without much effort, and can be stored in most environments.

That's all for now, CM

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